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Are you sick and tired of missing out on the perfect job because of your cover letter and resume? Selling yourself to a company through a resume carries no emotion, inflection or urgency, well, things have now changed. Ready to Employ is the Ultimate Video Profile platform giving you the best chance at getting that job. Through your Video Resume, you can truly sell yourself and express just how professional and dedicated you really are.

1 Make Sure It's targeting your opportunity market.

Don't just create a video resume, create one because you really want to and its reliant for the jobs you want to apply for. In your talk track or script, make sure you emphasise the important things like, who you are, what inspires you and what's makes your ideal job ideal (what are your drivers?) Honesty is very important here, your video resume is about bypassing the first interview, this means, when a company makes contact with you, they are doing so because of what they read in your resume but more so they liked what they saw in your video. When you get the opportunity for the second interview, you need to be that same person.

2 Writing your video talk track is important.

Don't read out your resume, the whole reason for a video resume is so you can show your energy, personality and dedication to the perfect role you're applying for.

  • Tell companies why they should be looking at you?
  • What are your achievements?
  • Do you have any mentors? Who?
  • What are your drivers, passions, where do you see yourself in the years ahead?

3 1-½ minutes to 3 minutes should do it.

Just like a TV commercial, you have a couple of seconds to capture their attention, and make sure that you keep them interested.

  • 00 - 15 seconds - Personal Introduction
  • 15 - 30 seconds - What are you doing today (looking for work or employed at....)
  • 30 - 90 seconds - What are you great at and want to continuing doing?
  • and so, on

Always think of your video resume as a sales pitch to a buyer.

4 Get creative but don't overdo it

Remember, this is about your personality and professionalism, make sure you don't get the message lost in a Hollywood style production. Unless of course you are applying for video productions.

Speak clearly and with confidence, avoid moving backgrounds as it could take their eyes and attention off you.

5 What do your friends think?

Always keep in mind, companies often share your Ready to Employ profile with other departments and individuals, also recruitment agencies will forward your details on too. Ask an honest friend or family member to critique your video, its better they give their opinion before you post it to the world.

Choose the best candidate

If you're a company, you can register for free and view our talent base through specific searches. Ready to Employ is building and exposing employee talent to the world. At the moment, you would normally advertise a job vacancy for your company, syphon through the hundreds of resumes you receive and try to make a short list. With ready to employ, it's simple, log-in, search our talent base, watch some videos and make contact with the right people for your second interview. Give us a little time as we have just launched and are quickly building a worldwide talent base for your searches.

  • FREE searches for worldwide talent to employee
  • Create a profile and make a short list in minutes
  • Create a profile and make a favourites list in minutes
  • Meet your next employee through a video first
  • Get in contact directly and arrange a "second" interview
  • Looking for an employee to start at a later date? Easy, there are contractors, graduates and individuals that have given their availability.

Most companies know early when they will have a position available, Ready to Employ enables you to run searches for future dates to “pre-select” the right person ahead of time.